Downloadable TerraNova Message Notes

Here's how to make the most of TerraNova's weekly messages -- downloadable message notes! Suitable for apps and in home use. Join us this weekend at TerraNova [ Lake Forest / Irvine in South Orange County ] on Saturday at 5pm and Sundays at 9:30 and 11am.


Download our message notes from weekend messages; edit and catalog them on your own device. Just click on the highlighted message title to download the text file. To listen to messages, click here.

We have transitioned away from web-based, online message notes to our Terranova App, which is awesome! The app has very easy access to message notes, scripture, and also the podcast. If you haven't already downloaded the app, you can get it from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android).

TerraNovas Freeway Series

March-April 2017

Step 1: Awareness
Step 2: Discovery
Step 3: Ownership
Step 4: Forgiveness
Step 5: Acceptance
Step 6: Mission

Address the Mess series

January-February 2017

Part 1: The Mess in the Mirror
Part 2: Inside Out
Part 3: Move Toward the Mess
Part 4: Messy-er
Part 5: Clean Up Your Own Mess

Keep Hope Alive

November-December 2016

Part 1: How to Hope Again
Part 2: Hope for a Better Story
Part 3: Hope Beyond Politics
Part 4: Hope Worth Sharing
Part 5: Hope for All

Balanced Series

October-November 2016

Part 1: Opening the Books
Part 2: Center of Gravity
Part 3: Back in Black
Part 4: Develop a Plan
Part 5: Want What You Got
Part 6: The Extra

Link to the resources we refer to during the Balanced series here.

TerraNovas Dysfunction Junction Series

August 2016

Part 1: Reflectors
Part 2: Shameless
Part 3: Transformed
Part 4: Gratitude

TerraNova FREE Series


Part 1: It's Worse than You Thought
Part 2: Dead and Alive
Part 3: Staying Dead
Part 4: Don't Even Try
Part 5: Mind and Body

TerraNova - God on Film

June-July 2016

Part 1: Civil War
Part 2: Apocalypse
Part 3: USS Indianapolis
Part 4: Finding Dory
Part 5: BFG: Strong and Courageous


February-March 2016

Part 1: Tough As Nails
Part 2: Fix Your Eyes
Part 3: Compelled
Part 4: Dangerous

Roommates, Bad Dates, Great Mates

January-February 2016

Part 1: Becoming the Right Person
Part 2: Worthy of God's Best
Part 3: Love Breakers
Part 4: Saying versus Sowing

KickStart Series

January 2016

Part 1: First Steps
Part 2: Going Public
Part 3: Find Your People
Part 4: Recommended Daily Allowance

Waiting Room series

December 2015

Part 1: Forgotten
Part 2: In the Meantime
Part 3: Waiting for God Knows What


October-November 2015

Part 1: Epic Beginnings
Part 2: Epic Fail
Part 3: Epic Trust
Part 4: Epic Reveal
Part 5: Epic Pain
Part 6: Epic Grace
Part 7: Epic Mission
Part 8: Epic Finish

climate change series

September-October 2015

Part 1: The Forecast
Part 2: Master Your Mood
Part 3: Believe the Best
Part 4: Read the Room