terranova messages + podcast.

TerraNova posts all messages online. You can access them in a few different ways. For many, the simplest way is to use the TerraNova App. Or, you might prefer using iTunes. You can also subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, or directly via our RSS feed (for you geeks out there). Or you can listen to individual messages. Scroll down for links to each method.

1) Download the TerraNova App.

You can download our super-helpful TerraNova App from the App Store or Google Play. From there you can listen to past messages, take message notes (and send them to yourself!), submit prayer requests, give, sign up for events, all in one easy location. HOT TIP: Say "Yes" to notifications and you'll receive scripture verses and thoughts from the message during the week!

2) Go to the iTunes Store.

You can listen to and download TerraNova's messages and subscribe to TerraNova's podcast via the iTunes Store. Whenever you're in iTunes, just type "TerraNova" into the search window and you'll see us! OR ... click the "view" link to the right! >>

If you haven't used a podcast, it's very simple, and a great way to automatically get messages delivered directly to your computer, iPod, phone or other device. You can subscribe to the TerraNova podcast directly from the iTunes store.

If you don't have iTunes, you can download it free here. (You do not need iTunes to listen to the podcast. You can also use other audio players as well.)

3) Listen to individual messages without iTunes.

Click here to listen to individual messages. You can click through months and years to hear past messages as well. And you can  download messages directly from this site and subscribe to the RSS feed there as well.

4) Listen to past messages on our website.

We have many of our past messages right here. (As with the app, this site only lists the messages following the date of the launch of our TerraNova App.)

Happy listening!