Supernova Kids

Welcome to SuperNova Kids!
Where kids are becoming heroes for God!

"We are being changed to be like him with ever-increasing glory,
which comes from the Lord."    — 2 Corinthians 3:18

SuperNova Kids offers classes and experiences for all kids, infant through grade 6 during all 3 services. 
Saturday evenings at 5:00pm and Sunday mornings at 9:30am & 11:00am.

ClubNova: 1st-4th grade                                                                         ClubNova is a group of 6 dedicated leaders from our weekend services, who will connect with 1st-6th grade kids on a deeper level at the Hub on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month to enjoy a meal, game, and devotional/prayer time with the kids. For more info, click here!


Jan. 22nd: ClubNova (6-7:30pm @ the Hub)

Feb. 10th & 11th: Sweet Spectacular (all services)

Feb. 12th: ClubNova (6-7:30pm @ the Hub)

Feb. 22nd: ClubNova (6-7:30pm @ the Hub)

March 12th: ClubNova (6-7:30pm @ the Hub)

March 26th: ClubNova (6-7:30pm @ the Hub)

March 31st: Community Egg Hunt (4pm @ the Hub)

April 9th: ClubNova (6-7:30pm @ the Hub)

April 21st & 22nd: Birthday Weekend

April 23rd: ClubNova (6-7:30pm @ the Hub)

May 14th: ClubNova (6-7:30pm @ the Hub)

May 28th: ClubNova (6-7:30pm @ the Hub)


Early Childhood

Nursery: ages 0-18 months

In our nursery, our littlest ones receive lots of individual attention from our trained and dedicated staff. 

Toddlers: ages 1.5-2 years

Our toddlers begin to understand how much Jesus loves them by participating in a brief bible lesson and the love they receive from their leaders. They will enjoy play time, snacks, crafts and music weekly!

Preschool & Kindergarten: ages 3-4 & 5/Kindergarten

Our preschoolers and kindergartners enjoy a fabulous curriculum which is filled with creative crafts, lessons, activities, and music. This helps set a strong foundation for biblical concepts that will remain with the kids for years!


Grades 1-4

Our elementary aged Supernova Kids experience God in many fun and interactive ways. Kids will participate in creative Bible stories, explosive science experiments, crafts and crazy games, all while learning the Bible.

Pre-teen: 5th & 6th Grade

We offer great opportunities for our preteens to experience life application bible lessons combined with games and small group time during all 3 weekend services. We also have regular fun events throughout the school year. See details on the Shockwave page.

SuperNova Kids Staff:

Rick McKee, Children's Ministry Pastor

Georgina Myers, Early Childhood Director                                   

Jennifer Estrada, Early Childhood Coordinator

Alissa & Elijah Ammon, Pre-teen ("Shockwave") Directors and

Amy Alpert, Children's Ministry Administrator

In addition to our staff, we have an amazing group of dedicated volunteers that serve your kids each week to provide a safe, loving, and fun learning environment.

In SuperNova Kids, we seek to create an amazing, fun, and child-relevant experience where kids can connect with God and friends, and become who He created them to be!

Where To Next?

5th + 6th GRADE

5th + 6th GRADE